Nine how-to's for every Linux distribution

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Tips for all kinds of Linux

Several tips and how-to's on this website are not only for Ubuntu and Linux Mint, but can be applied in all Linux distributions. And some are even useful for Windows and Mac users.

Below I've listed the links to nine of them.

1. Firefox: tweak it right

2. Google Chrome: make it even better

3. LibreOffice: configure it well

4. Wireless security (four myths and 12 tips)

5. How to create a good password

6. Install Tomato on your router

7. Put DD-WRT on your router

8. Survive hard times: a buyer's guide for a personal financial crisis

9. The Linux file system

Want more tips?

Do you want more tips and tweaks? There's a lot more of them on this website!

For example:

Speed up your Linux Mint!

Clean your Linux Mint safely

Avoid 10 fatal mistakes

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