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The how-to's, tips and tricks on this website are mainly written for Linux Mint 21.3 Virginia. But you can also use them for version 22.04.x of Ubuntu and its flavours, provided that you do this first (*click*).

A. Installation of Linux Mint

1. Linux Mint: ease of use above all. Select the right flavour for you!

2. In Windows you can use e.g. Balena Etcher to create a bootable USB memory stick with the iso. In Linux Mint you can use the application USB Image Writer (mintstick) for that, which is installed by default.

3. Install Linux Mint as only operating system

4. Computers with Windows: how to prepare Windows for dual boot

5. Install Linux Mint alongside Windows (dual boot)

B. Right after the installation of Linux Mint

1. Round off your Linux Mint 21.3 Cinnamon neatly: do these 10 things first

2. Round off your Linux Mint 21.3 MATE neatly: do these 10 things first

3. Round off your Linux Mint 21.3 Xfce neatly: do these 10 things first

4. Speed up your Mint!

5. How to clean Linux Mint safely

C. Re-installing Mint and upgrading an older Mint to 21.3

1. How to re-install Linux Mint easily

2. How to upgrade an older Linux Mint quickly and safely to 21.3

D. Linux Mint Xfce: for older computers

1. For older computers: Linux Mint Xfce

   - Round off your Linux Mint 21.3 Xfce neatly: do these 10 things first

2. For really old computers: the legacy Linux Mint 20.3 Xfce

   - Round off your legacy Linux Mint 20.3 Xfce neatly: do these 10 things first

3. How to adapt the panels of your Xfce desktop

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E. General

1. Avoid 10 fatal mistakes

2. How to install applications

3. Printers and scanners: how to install them

4. Security (about viruses and firewalls)

5. Wireless security (four popular myths and 12 tips)

6. How to create a secure password that's easy to remember

7. The Linux file system

8. 60 frequently asked questions (FAQ) - part one

9. 60 frequently asked questions (FAQ) - part two

10. 60 frequently asked questions (FAQ) - part three

11. 50 tips and tweaks (part one)

12. 50 tips and tweaks (part two)

12. 50 tips and tweaks (part three)

14. How to clean Linux Mint safely

15. Speed up your Mint!

F. Printers and scanners

1. Installing printers and scanners

2. Install Samsung printers (all models)

3. Install HP printers (all models)

G. Troubleshooting in Linux Mint

1. Dual boot install seems impossible

2. Solutions for some bugs in Linux Mint 21.3

3. Display problems

4. Sound problems

5. Internet connection problems

6. Boot loader Grub: how to repair, adapt or remove it

      6.1. Repair Grub for Windows 10 and 11 computers (EFI or UEFI)

7. Forgotten password: what to do

8. Windows 7 won't boot anymore

9. Windows 10 or 11 won't boot anymore

10. Software sources list: how to repair it

11. SiS 771/671 graphics: how to tame it

12. Checking the Health of Your Hardware

H. Popular applications in Linux Mint

1. Update Manager: understand and optimize it

2. Firefox: tweak it right

3. Chrome: make it even better

4. Libre Office: configure it well

5. Network Manager: how to connect to a VPN

6. Wine: use Windows applications in Linux (discouraged!)

7. inxi: everything you need to know about your computer

8. Java: how to install it in Linux Mint, Ubuntu and Debian

9. How to migrate your e-mail from Windows to Linux

I. Advanced

1. System hacks for advanced Linux Mint users

2. Give the Grub menu a holiday picture for background

3. SSD: optimize your Solid State Drive for Linux Mint 21.3

4. How to install the latest Nvidia driver for your video card

5. How to install a free legal Windows in VirtualBox

6. Conky: monitor your system

7. Run your web browser from within a secure sandbox

8. How to install the latest AMD video driver

9. How to help with translating

10. How to automatically execute a root command at startup

11. CPU Tweaks

12. The factory: draft tips that are still rough and unpolished

J. Tips for all Linux distributions

Tips for all Linux distro's

K. Routers and wireless internet

1. Wireless security (four popular myths and 11 tips)

2. Amplify the wireless signal of your router

3. Set up a second router in your home

4. Reduce electromagnetic radiation of computing devices

5. Install Tomato or FreshTomato on your router

6. Put DD-WRT on your router

L. Various matters

1. Replace your Windows 7 or 8.x quickly by an easy and free Linux

2. Survive hard times: a buyer's guide for a personal economic crisis

3. Warning for writers: nasty experience writing for No Starch Press

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