Windows 10 or 11: fix boot problems

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Boot problems with Windows 10 or 11, can often be solved in the following manner.

1. If you don't have an install DVD of Windows 10 or 11, then download a free evaluation copy of Windows 11 at Microsoft itself.

If you don't have a Windows Live account, you need to create one for this. It's free, and..... it's not necessary to fill out your real name.

2. Burn the iso on a DVD in the right way (similar to burning an iso of Linux Mint).

3. Boot your computer from the Windows DVD and select:
Repair your computer (down left, do NOT select "Install now") - Troubleshoot - Advanced options - Command Prompt

4. Now type the following command line (note the required space between "bootrec" and "/fixmbr"):

bootrec /fixmbr

Press Enter.


bootrec /fixboot

Press Enter.


bootrec /scanos

Press Enter.


bootrec /rebuildbcd

Press Enter. Confirm the action by typing y and press Enter again.

5. Remove the DVD and turn your computer off (press the hardware power button for five seconds).

6. Turn your computer on again and press the key for one-time boot changes. For Acer computers this key is usually F12, but this differs for each brand.

7. Select "Windows Boot Manager". After a short while you should be presented again with the (in)famous desktop of Windows 10 or 11.

8. If you have a dual boot computer, with Linux alongside Windows, then you'll probably need to restore bootloader Grub, in order to make your Linux bootable again.

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